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All your communication channels into a single, truly omnichannel platform giving you a full 360° view of your business.


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Respond to customers on any channel

Providing omnichannel customer support solutions through communication channels like Chat, Email, Phone, SMS, Messaging and Social Media for elevated customer experience.



All the support you need

Unify and collaborate your entire workforce across voice, email, chat, sms, social media and webforms making it easier for businesses to handle customer response or customer queries.




Automate, delegate and label tasks to keep errands in order of priority, time and value making agent’s tasks organized.



Advanced CSS

Implement chatbots, website FAQs and Knowledge base to maximise the efficiency of your contact center.



Grow your contact database

Gather and store personalized data with better customer profiling using artificial intelligence solutions.




Integrate apps and processes into your contact center to better fit your business needs.



Knowledge Base

Support your agents by providing them organised and processed information within the workspace to refer to when responding to customers.



Allow agents to communicate and pass on messages in a safe space and easily acquire information from specific departments.


Errand Handling

Set up errand tags to categorize errands according to each purpose. This allows the right agent to attend to those customers and their needs more efficiently.


Prioritize errands

Keep errands in order of priority. The errands are sorted and classified according to time or value. When the agent completes the errand, the errand is closed and the next errand can be attended to.


Create personalized templates

Create a library of templates & scripted replies for frequently asked questions and situations. It will boost the efficiency of your team and allow them to give more customer resolutions in less time.


Errand Routing

Set up errand tags to categorize errands according to each purpose. This allows the right agent to attend to customers and their needs more effectively.

Why Cention


Allow agents to collaborate with other agents within the organization or external experts to help respond to customer queries whenever they require additional assistance.


Cention Communication

Why Cention

Extensive analytics for better decision-making

Generate or customize a variety of reports such as SLA times, number of incoming errands, organization overview to evaluate your business and team performance. It is fully equipped with necessary tools to always keep your contact center COPC-compliant and verified by certified coordinators.

Clients are talking

Reputation by association is alright by us.

Agents love it.

Connect all agents, managers, and departments inside an all-in-one communications platform.

Finance love it.

Pay for what you use with our simple and transparent pricing.

Customers love you.

Agents never have to transfer a customer again with our Omnichannel contact centre software.

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