Billing Policy

Last updated 20-05-2022

Billing cycles

You are billed monthly or yearly in advance for Cention Contact Center:

    1. The Cention products in your subscription,
    2. the plan you select (including add-ons), and
    3. the number of agents (users) that have active accounts any time during a month or if the agreement so state by volume of conversations made each month.

These are the “Pricing Metrics” that are used to calculate your bill. We bill you each month in advance based on what your Pricing Metrics were during the peak of agents prior month or by agreed minimum usage if our service is used on volume metrics. 

Overages and credits

We know that your usage may change. If you increase or decrease the number of agents (users), or change which Cention products or plans you use, we may charge you overages or issue you credits. These charges or credits will be based on how and when your Pricing Metrics changed over the course of the last month. We will also charge any additional usage above the agreed minimum usage for volume based metrics customers.