It’s the 2020s. Sure, we are still quite far from having cars that can soar through the skies, or even an inevitable takeover of the machine empire (fingers crossed). Yet, a very real problem has always been clear to us; omnichannel and its applications are still considered as a challenge for some businesses. Cracking the omnichannel challenge has been an issue over this past decade. Now, as we have entered a new era, let’s take a look at the entire picture.

Omnichannel combines different communication experience into a single seamless fabric of interactions. For instance, a customer can browse a business’s catalogue on their desktop at home. They can then proceed with their purchases on their mobile devices when they are outside. For customers, this is excellent news. For businesses, it is a possible nightmare.

Cracking the Omnichannel Challenge: Meeting Demands and Expectations

Businesses have to be prepared to cater to this type of situation, among others. The problem starts when they are not able to keep up with all incoming communication. As a result, customers may slip to other providers who can meet their demands.

The stakes are high and each customer is unique. They have individual preferences and high expectations to be met. In this age, losing one potential customer doesn’t just mean losing one business opportunity. It also means losing buyer reviews and possible loyal customers.

During the last Christmas sale, I was excited to get a new pair of headphones. So I went on several online retail websites to compare the prices of several headphones. At long last, I found the perfect one that suits both my hearing and pocket needs.

Sadly, I didn’t make the purchase. I tried looking at the reviews, only to find there weren’t any. I tried contacting the supplier and the website’s customer support, but it was days before I finally received a feedback. In the end, I chose a different pair from a different website. 

Regardless of the reason, the first website weren’t able to meet my expectations. And so they lost a potential customer because they could not overcome the challenge to connect seamlessly with their customers.

According to Newmine, businesses are experiencing significant roadblocks to integrate omnichannel approach into their operations. Insights into customer behavior online can be obtained from data. However, utilizing them will require setting up proper strategies.

Cracking the Omnichannel Challenge: Understanding Your Customers

Businesses should create viable strategies by considering a few factors. How will the customer experience be affected? Are your customer agents well-equipped with the right platform to handle all incoming communication?

When your strategies are carried out, you will be able to understand how your customers interact and how they use your brand. Understand what customers want, and you will gain access to revenues from integrating multiple channels into your operations. 

A powerful omnichannel platform is essential to bring out the full potential of your business. The platform must be able to handle all incoming interaction seamlessly. 

A Consolidated Customer View

The next part is to understand what are your customers’ most preferred channel. According to a study by Twilio, 83% of customers favor receiving communication with businesses through emails, while 39% prefer to connect via texts or SMS.

When you can grasp your customers’ communication channel preferences, you can pick up on their digital DNA. All interactions via emails, social media and other online channels can be studied and prepare a personalized experience according to each customer’s taste.

In the end, it all goes back to giving the best customer experience you can provide. As long as your customers are satisfied with your service, you’re doing a great job!

The Omnichannel Solution

Investing in the right platform will help you gain a 360° view to manage all incoming communication. The platform should be complete with all the features necessary for your business. These features can help your business secure a higher ROI when you engage with your customers across multiple channels successfully.

We at Cention are dedicated to connect you to your customers, anytime and anywhere! With the dawn of a new decade rises its curtain, we are excited to help you expand and explore uncharted territories together!