How we help your business

When an errand comes in to the system, you can make sure it will be routed to the right queue and to the right agents by using our very effective and “simple to use” routing feature. The routing can be done using words, phrases, from addresses/domains and to addresses, so it’s pretty much fail proof. It’s simply administrated and within a few minutes, you can have a new queue set up with routing rules.

Increased Profit

With powerful tools that can automate parts of the errand handling, but still keep quality in your communication, the same amount of agents can handle even more errands. Reusing answers over all channels will increase productivity and create a strong corporate brand. Cention’s pay per agent model makes ROI calculation child’s play, and growing your business with Cention is pure profit.


Follow-up, find bottlenecks and make sure your customers get proper responses they are satisfied with and in the expected timeframe. With Cention you are able to, in real-time, look into how long a customer have to wait for an answer, how many that are satisfied with the reply they get, and how long your agents spent answering the errand. You can also perform Quality Assurance and go back in time and re-check answers sent out.


The suite is built to make the user experience a breeze. No need to give your agent an in-depth expensive training about your products, and how you want to structure your communication with the customers. Cention Contact Centre provides answers from the knowledge base and will add the corporate brand structure you want in your answers without manual work. Get new co-workers up to speed and producing great customer service in no time!


One of the great advantages of our modular design is performance and scalability. Is your system starting to slow down due to a big increase in customers? Cention Workflow can easily incorporate more hardware without changing the way the software is used or incurring expensive infrastructure downtime.

A team player

No man, or software, is an island. Cention Contact Center can integrate with your current systems through public- and standards-based communication protocols. Thanks to this, we can slide the system into your existing workflow with ease. Got a CRM system? We can integrate. Want to give customers access to your answers via a website? We are your solution. We support full integration capabilities with your other software systems like CRM systems or your VOICE platform. At the same time Cention has the tools and structure your organization needs to follow industry standards like COPC.

All product components are multilingual and deal with enquiries made in any language.

Cention supports customers in over 50 countries with thousands of agents processing millions of errands every month. Cention has a proven track record of industry excellence for over 15 years. Contact Center gives your business the strategic advantage it needs.