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Cracking the contact center challenge with a 360 view of all customer communications.


The software that makes everyone happy

Cention’s mission is to make agents’ lives easier while ensuring that your customers are happy. Our solutions include a variety of tools for agents to use in providing excellent customer service.

Our Product

Answer to your customers’ convenience

Give your customers the answers they need when you provide your customers with a seamless omnichannel communication experience.

Be where your
customers are

Customers will reach out anywhere, anytime. So be where customers are and never miss a customer no matter what channel they reach out from – live chat, email, voice, SMS or even social media.

Set up a great

Create a reliable knowledgebase system to set your team up with answers they can find and reduce the average handling time for agents enabling them to answer to more customers.

bots and AI

Leverage AI and bots to answer to customers instantly. Agents will have more time to answer to more complicated customer requests.

Respond on one platform

Make it easier for your agents to respond to customers with an all-in-one platform equipped with the tools and integrations needed to offer the best customer support possible.

Work together

Collaborate with anyone internally or externally using the collaboration tool on more complicated customer requests so you can provide your customers the best answers.

Get assisted by AI and routing

Route customers to the best agents with the errand routing feature. Therefore, customers are given the most accurate answers and your agents are always ready to deliver.

Gain help from Knowledge base

Have a great knowledgebase system for your agents to refer to when they need more information about what a customer is requesting.


Gain valuable insights

Gain valuable data either predefined or customized report and analyse the data based on what your business needs. You can also schedule and export data according to date and time.


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