Answering and solving incoming queries can be unnerving especially when agents are faced with unfamiliar questions from customers. Especially if the contact center lacks the ability to promote collaboration between agents. In 2015, an ICMI study found that 73% of contact centers predicted the complexity of customer contacts to increase significantly. With that in mind, the Collaboration feature on Cention is designed to assist agents in handling complex queries with increased efficiency. 


Through the feature, agents can reach out to other agents or any external expert for additional opinions and advice, all on one platform. It is the culmination of our effort in understanding the problems faced by our customers from day to day.


How Collaboration Works on Cention

To start using the Collaboration feature on Cention, users simply need to open an errand and click on the ‘Collaborate’ button located in the ‘Reply’ section. They can choose to select any email address from the contact book into the CC and BCC box to connect with an external expert. Alternatively, users may also select an agent from the Internal section to start collaborating with another agent.

Once the Collaboration message is sent to the collaborator, a conversation thread will be created within the query. The Collaboration query and the original errand are handled separately, allowing them to coexist within the same errand without interfering with each other. As a side note, the person that received the collaboration request will receive the full content of the original errand.

After the original sender has obtained feedback, they can utilize the information received from their collaborator to complete the errand. The Collaboration feature allows agents to work on other errands while they wait for the required information to solve the one that they were having trouble with. Agents can maintain productivity on a constant level while reducing the time needed to search for any required solution to customer requests.


Collaboration on Cention: Case Scenario


Rachel, a customer support agent in an online retail webstore, received an enquiry regarding a new product that was going to be launched soon. However, as she does not have the information that the customer needed, she directly sent a Collaboration query to an internal agent. 


She then continued to complete other queries while waiting to receive the feedback from her colleague. After a few minutes, she received the required information from her colleague and proceeded to answer the customer’s request without any difficulty.


The Collaboration feature on Cention provides contact centers with an opportunity to experience a positive cultural switch that promotes teamwork among agents. According to a survey by the Economist, 33% of employees say that having the ability to collaborate makes them more loyal to the company.


The feature enables operation levels to be maintained at the optimum level while customers benefit from greatly reduced handling time. Take charge in creating a stimulating work environment for your agents and have the ability to turn your business into market leaders with Cention.

External Expert Integration with Slack

Cention has recently introduced External Expert Integration with Slack on Cention Contact Center platform. The selection can be made at the ‘Channel’ option, which can be found beside the ‘Subject’ bar. Once Slack has been chosen as the communication option, insert the Slack ID number of the external expert and send the query accordingly. The message thread will appear after a short while and both collaborators can communicate as usual.


The latest feature provides agents with additional options to seek assistance in solving complicated queries through Cention Contact Center platform. Communication between different teams has never been easier, more efficient, and it ultimately improves agents’ work experience.

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