Email support has been around for a while now. But that doesn’t mean email doesn’t play a crucial role in customer support. In reality, it has become a necessity for any company to date and proves to be extremely helpful when dealing with customers. Especially when it requires agents to conduct follow-ups with existing customers.

Cention Email Support

External and Internal Collaboration

  • Gain better and accurate answers to your customers.
  • Promotes better outcome and teamwork when handling customer queries
  • It is cost-effective

Due date

  • Agents can set the due date according to priority level
  • Assists in alerting agents of when to follow up with customers
  • When agents remember to follow-up with existing customers, it promotes more customer loyalty

Contact Card

  • Gain customer data
  • Have a full view of customer history
  • Use the data obtained for marketing purposes

Benefits of having Email Support

Emails are easily accessible

It’s easy to reach any business or brand through email. Especially with the ever-changing technological advancements happening every day, and everyone has an email address set up on their phones. It makes it easier for customers to get in contact with you while they’re faced with problems regarding your product.

Email Support is cost-effective

Cention email service is packed with all the tools you need to respond effectively to your customers. For example, with Cention email support, one of our most cost-effective factors is our extensive contact card functionality, where all email and consumer data can be processed and gathered for marketing and data analysis purposes. Therefore, businesses do not have to spend more on a CRM system.

Send and receive file attachments

Every company needs to send or receive attachments to the register, such as receipts, quotes, infographics, financial statements, images, and videos. For example, if a customer reaches out to the brand over a broken item, adding images along with an email would help both the agent and the customer to show that the item can be replaced. Situations where it’s required to send a scanned copy of a receipt, providing email support may be the perfect platform to get the job done.

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Customer surveys are one of the key ways to understand whether your customers are satisfied with your product or service and email is great for conducting surveys. For instance, Agent Anne needs to know if Sarah is satisfied with their customer service after helping her get her purchase refund. Agent Anne has then submitted a survey uploaded to a particular URL. This URL is sent to Sarah to access the survey. This allows customers to answer the survey at their own convenience.