Improving agents engagement with customers is a part of the challenge of running a contact center. Just because one method works, it will not promise you the same result every time. 


Agents need to be aware of what customers want. Improving agents engagement means that they need to adapt to changes, and they need to do it fast. While it may seem intimidating at first, there are ways to make it happen. Ultimately, excellent engagement means a great customer experience.


Here are some of the best ways for improving agents engagement with customers.


Improving Agents Engagement by Getting to Know Your Customers


Each customer is unique. They have their own needs, and it is the agent’s job to complete each request. Therefore, to provide a seamless experience for your customers, agents must first get to know their customers. 


Who are your customers, and what are their most common requests? Excellent engagement is when agents can provide information for customers even before they ask anything!


Besides, when customers experience personalized interactions, they become more comfortable to engage and to share information. For instance, knowing the customer’s name, their purchase history, and what they want affects their buying behavior. In the end, it is not about how well you can sell your products, but how you can better help your customers.


Getting the right solution that help agents to keep track of each interaction can make a big difference. With the right tool, agents can experience a more integrated and seamless working experience.


Shorter Response Time


Agents should not fear complaints from customers. If anything, they are opportunities for agents to turn dissatisfied customers into purring cats. As such, having a shorter response time can help to make this happen.


Often when a customer directs an inquiry to a contact center, they are required to wait for a certain period before getting the information that they needed. As a result, customers may get frustrated and choose to opt for different solutions.


Contact centers should also utilize AI to handle more common queries. This will provide agents more time to focus on tasks or errands that are more complex to complete.


One way to reduce response time is by having agents collaborate to solve complex tasks. It improves efficiency and raises productivity for better customer experience. This can be achieved easily with an excellent contact center software for your agents.


Investing in the Right Solution


While emails and texts are still the preferred communication channels between customers and businesses, customers are starting to connect through social media platforms as well. As the number of channels increases, it also makes it harder for agents to engage with customers simultaneously. What they need is an excellent contact center software to help them manage all incoming communication.


There is countless software in the market, but how do you choose the right one for your contact center? Having a powerful omnichannel solution that is capable of managing all incoming tasks on a single platform will boost your contact center capacity.


Cention is an omnichannel platform that offers multiple features to maximize communication experience for your business. Manage all incoming communication from voice calls, SMS, emails, social media, and web forms on a single powerful platform! Your agents will be able to engage with customers with an improved competency.

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