External Expert Integration with Slack


There can be too many conversations going on within an organization at the same time, while keeping track of them can be messy and confusing. With that in mind, Slack was launched in 2014 as a collaboration platform startup. Now, the massively popular communication platform has an impressive tally of 12 million active daily users across the globe. Therefore, we want to introduce the external expert integration with Slack where agents are equipped with the additional option to seek assistance from external experts through the Cention platform. Agents can now collaborate with various departments within an organization to solve complicated queries much faster and seamlessly. Everything your business needs is available on Cention.

How It Works

Dylan made a reservation for a two night stay at Hotel X. He made a special request through an email to bring his pet along as the hotel prohibits their guests from bringing pets into the rooms. After consideration, the officer that was handling his reservation decided to stick to the rules and explained to Dylan that guests are not allowed to bring pets when checking in it is strictly against the hotel’s policies.

Frustrated, Dylan sent another email to his correspondent stating that he will take legal actions on the hotel for not complying to his request. When the officer in charge received the email, they decided to consult an external expert – the hotel’s legal department for guidance and advice on the matter.

The officer decided to reach the legal department through Slack via the external expert feature on Cention platform. Shortly after, they received the advice from the legal department based on their conversation thread and proceeded to contact Dylan with the follow up. Next thing they know, Dylan checked in without his pet when he arrived a few days later.

Communication between different teams or departments within an organization becomes more efficient when the external expert feature is utilized, compared to simply communicating via traditional email. This greatly improved workflow will ultimately result in an enhanced customer experience and better work experience for agents.


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