In any business, one of the main objectives is to keep customers coming back for more. This means that customer experience must be kept at optimum level at all times. Faster and quality response to customer queries has been the key that holds excellent customer journey. To ensure performance level can be maintained at all times, Cention’s Reports and Data features are designed to optimize the output of an organization’s performance.


It’s built to maximize agents’ productivity and work efficiency with sophisticated features that are easy to utilize. Agents are given the power to manage all incoming interactions, create customized reports on one platform and choose when to receive the reports at any time according to their preferences and requirements.


Reports and Data on Cention: Key Features 


Reports and Data on Cention features improved accessibility as agents can select any time period they wish to view and generate reports based on their selections. Agents may gain access to predefined reports such as agents’ activity, average handling time, or create customized reports based on how many times the right answer was suggested by the system. 


All data is available with clear visual representations to make data analyzing much easier. The statistics from the reports can be set to be displayed in the scale of your choice – from seconds to days and so on. Once the reports are generated, they can be viewed directly or downloaded as PDFs or spreadsheets and they are all available in real time.


Data on the Cention Contact Center platform can be grouped and measured, depending on the criterias that you select. For example, you may choose to view the performance of a select group of agents, any specific agent or queue, or a combination of both. This enables you to evaluate your contact center performance according to the predetermined SLA requirements.


Kingston Technologies has been utilizing Cention Contact Center platform for over 10 years. Throughout the years, they have been able to meet changing customer requests by having full control over making necessary changes based on accurate data generated from interactions with agents and customers. 


Access Anywhere & Anytime with Reports and Data on Cention


Every data and information, such as ongoing and outgoing tasks are saved in the Cention Contact Center database. This allows our users to monitor every single completed and ongoing task while making it easier to measure KPI for agents and SLA fulfillment for customers from any area. 


Reports and Data features on Cention are equipped with scheduled reports system that allows users to receive reports from the platform at any predetermined time. In a case example, Andi, a manager at a contact center, has to attend a conference in a different state. And being a manager, she is responsible for monitoring agents’ performance from time to time. 


Through the Cention platform, Andi is able to receive regular updates according to a scheduled time and the reports will be generated and sent to her according to the time slot she has previously set. She can keep track of her team’s performance even when she’s away from the office!


Reports and Data on Cention can also be shared and exported for offline availability. Users can simply access the export feature via the report panel and they will be able to analyze team performance anywhere they are. As an example, a manager can set up an export email and the time period of data that they wish to generate (daily, monthly, etc), and the reports will be automatically sent to the export email. With this feature, our users  will experience a structured and efficient data analysis with Cention Contact Center platform.


Why Choose Cention


Reports and Data features on Cention enhances your organization’s strategy planning process. All features will ultimately enable your teams to create and execute strategies based on reliable customer data that you can access anytime via the platform. Team performance can be easily measured with a wide selection of accurate agents’ data ranging from average chat response time, average handling time, organization overview and all the way to customer satisfaction meter.


Over the years, Cention has embraced being a customer driven contact center platform. Feedback from customers is taken seriously as valuable data to further improve our capabilities to meet the evolving market needs and demands. With experience of over 20 years within the industry and verification from certified coordinators, Cention guarantees to provide the cutting edge your business needs to become market leaders within your industry.



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